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2-door dresser Nature

2-door dresser Nature

2-door dresser Nature

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Product description

Extremely capacious, two-door chest of drawers from the Nature collection will allow you to optimally manage your space, hiding all your items from unnecessary glances. Spacious shelves inside will make it easier to organize your things, while the sturdy construction will withstand a lot of load.

  • The shelves inside the dresser will easily accommodate larger items. You can also adjust the height of both of them according to your needs and the size of the things you want to hide inside.
  • The doors of the chest of drawers can come in one of two colors: white or oak decor. This will make it easier for you to match the furniture to your dream arrangement.
  • The door hinges are equipped with a silent closing mechanism. So you do not have to worry about unpleasant slamming.
  • The legs and door handles are made of natural oak wood. This solid material looks great even after many years of intensive use.
  • Oak is also present on the front horizontal edges of the dresser, which have a rounded shape. This design better protects against accidentally acquiring painful bruises....
  • Slanted legs are a common element of each piece of furniture from the Nature collection. So you can juxtapose different solids, maintaining harmony in each case.
  • Thanks to the visualization prepared in the VOXBOX application, even before you buy, you can check how the Nature chest of drawers will present itself in your home.
  • To gain even more storage space, also use other dressers from the same collection: wide, double-sided and narrow.

width: 120 cmheight: 72 cmDepth: 40 cm

  • The finish of the body is formed by an oak-colored veneer.
  • The interior of the furniture is white.
  • For the door fronts you can choose one of two colors: oak decor or white.
  • The legs and handles retain the color of natural oak wood.

  • Body, shelves and doors: laminated particleboard (thickness: 16 mm).
  • Legs and door handles: lacquered oak wood.

Over the years, oak wood undergoes a process of oxidation. Its effect may be, among other things, a slight change in color, which does not constitute a defect in the product.

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