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2-door wardrobe 4 You Fresh

2-door wardrobe 4 You Fresh

2-door wardrobe 4 You Fresh

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Product description

A capacious closet with a classic layout and universal design will complete your closet with the necessary storage space for clothes and accessories. Like other furniture from the 4 You Fresh collection, it will fit perfectly into any space - from an adult bedroom to a youth room.

  • Behind the door on the left side there are four spacious shelves. The bottom three are equipped with a height adjustment function, so you can adjust the interior of the furniture to your needs. The upper one includes a hook that pulls out from the edge of the shelf.
  • In the right part of the closet there are two symmetrical shelves (top and bottom) and a bar for hanging clothes. The lower shelf is adjustable in height. At the bar there is a practical LED light, which allows you to freely take out clothes without illuminating the entire room.
  • The hinges in the closet door are equipped with a silent closing system. This makes using the closet very comfortable, even at night when the rest of the household is asleep.
  • The closet has minimalist handles. They come in two versions: they can be made of metal in the color of the closet or oak wood.
  • To increase storage space, you can add a 206 cm high 4-door closet side rack to the side of the closet.
  • The VOXBOX program allows you to see how the closet will present itself in different arrangements.

width: 99.9 cmheight: 206 cmDepth: 56.7 cm

  • The color of the closet is sand beige.
  • The handles of the furniture can be a shade of sandy beige or oak.

The closet was made of durable materials, resistant to damage and easy to keep clean.

  • Cabinet body, shelves and doors: laminated board (thickness 16 mm).
  • Horizontal partitions: laminated board (thickness 16 mm).
  • Back wall: laminated HDF board (thickness 3 mm).
  • Handles: metal or wood (depending on the color variant).

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