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Bench with 3 drawers Spot Young

Bench with 3 drawers Spot Young

Bench with 3 drawers Spot Young

990 zł

Product description

The Spot series bench provides seating and storage space. It comes with 3 double-sided drawers to be placed in selected niches. The furniture will work well in a hallway, dining room or living room.

  • Several adults can sit comfortably on the bench. For the furniture, you can buy dedicated accessories for the seat: a cushion in gray or dark gray variant and an anti-slip foam mat. The bench can also serve as a flowerbed or shelf for books and decorations.
  • There are 6 niches in the bench, 3 in the front and 3 in the back. You can use them in any way you like - put drawers in them or use them as open storage compartments.
  • The 3 included drawers allow you to fill half of the niches. Optionally, you can buy an additional set of drawers and gain more space for organizing small items.
  • Drawers on both sides have fronts with ergonomic handles - if one of them is damaged, just turn the drawer and get a new front. There are holes in the bench where stoppers can be placed to prevent the drawers from accidentally sliding out. To remove the bins, gently press the stoppers.
  • The structure of the bench is reinforced with a special plate, thanks to which the furniture can withstand heavy loads.
  • High legs give the bench lightness and make cleaning easier. The free space underneath can be used to store shoes or decorative baskets.
  • The benches can be stacked, so they don't take up space when not needed.
  • The furniture forms a harmonious whole with other furniture from the Spot series. For example, it can be juxtaposed with a 2-door closet and an external hanger or a folding table.
  • The VOXBOX design program allows you to check how the bench with 3 drawers will look in the interior.

width: 154 cmheight: 48 cmDepth: 47 cm

  • The legs and body of the bench and the bodies of the drawers are stained in a light acacia wood shade.
  • The drawer fronts are white in color.

The Spot bench is durable and scratch-resistant. To clean it, a damp cloth is sufficient.

  • Body and drawers: 16 mm thick laminated particleboard.
  • Drawer bottoms: 2.5 mm thick laminated HDF board.
  • Legs: solid pine wood, stained and protected with PU varnish.

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