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Double bed Nature

Double bed Nature

Double bed Nature

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Product description

The oak bed, which is part of the Nature collection, brings a unique lightness to the room. Thanks to the fact that it comes in as many as five sizes, it will be perfect for both a single's room and a family bedroom. By choosing a mattress of your favorite firmness, you will gain a maximally comfortable place to rest and sleep.

  • For a 2-person bed, you can choose from four widths: 120 cm, 140 cm, 160 cm and 180 cm. In each case the length is 205 cm.
  • When configuring the bed, you can buy a wooden floor on a strap or a frame with elastic slats, and a comfortable mattress of your preferred firmness.
  • You can install the bed floor at two different heights - so that you can adjust the height of the sleeping surface to suit your individual needs.
  • The curved bottom edge of the bed increases the safety of use. You will also be able to extend your feet beyond the mattress without worry.
  • The bed frame is made of durable particleboard, covered with laminate. This translates into its resistance to scratches and dirt.
  • High oak legs add lightness to the furniture. Thanks to them, vacuuming in the bedroom is much easier.
  • Solid oak wood is also present in the lower, rounded edge of the bed.
  • By buying a bedside table with the same legs, you will get a practical and harmonious set. You may also find it useful to slide under the bed drawers on wheels. You will store extra bedding, pillows or seasonal clothes in them.
  • It is possible to buy an openwork, wooden or flat top made of furniture board.
  • Wondering which width of bed to choose? Visualizations in the VOXBOX application will help you decide.

width: 125 - 185 cmheight: 45 cmDepth: 204.4 cm

  • The bed frame has an oak color thanks to the veneer with wooden decor.
  • Other parts of the furniture (legs and the rounded edge at the bottom of the frame) have a natural oak wood tone.

  • Bed frame: laminated particleboard, 22 mm thick.
  • Legs and the rim at the bottom of the frame: solid oak wood.

It may happen that the wooden parts of the bed, due to the natural process of oxidation, will change color over time. This is not considered a defect in the furniture.

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