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Expositor Young Users

Expositor Young Users

Expositor Young Users

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Product description

It is difficult to find a permanent place for your favorite headphones, console pads or numerous cables for charging electronic equipment. The problem of their organization is solved by a double-sided display from the Young Users collection.
  • The display consists of a capacious box and a perforated board with 6 hooks. Such a design allows you to maintain order among a large number of everyday items.
  • The product is used not only for storage, but also for display - designer pads and other gaming accessories will look great on it.
  • The display unit can serve multiple functions - create a visual divider on the desk or divide the space inside closed cabinets. It is double-sided, which allows you to set it in any position.
  • On the bottom of the display is a non-slip mat, which makes it easier to keep the product clean and prevents small items from moving around.
  • You can buy a set of 2 inserts for the display, which create a handy space for sorting small utensils. They come in 2 shades to choose from.
  • To increase order in the room, you can also get a mobile organizer from the same collection.

width: 47.2 cmheight: 46 cmDepth: 22.7 cm

The display has a black color and matte finish.

The display is durable and aesthetically finished.
  • The perforated board and hooks were manufactured from powder-coated steel sheet with a fine matte texture.
  • The box, which is the base of the product, was made of melamine-coated board with a thickness of 12 mm.

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