/Filler Grille pink blue Young Users

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Filler Grille pink blue Young Users

Filler Grille pink blue Young Users

Filler Grille pink blue Young Users

139 zł

Product description

The lattice-shaped filler divides the space inside the furniture and allows aesthetic experimentation. Geometric fillers with edging in 2 different colors will help highlight children's collections and personalize the look of a bookcase or shelf from the Young Users series.
  • The product has a blue edging on one side and a pink edging on the other - this solution allows you to quickly and easily change the look by turning it.
  • The minimalist grid adds variety to the look of the shelf and makes it eye-catching. This is a good way to display vacation souvenirs and other trinkets of sentimental value
  • The lattice filler divides the niche into 9 functional parts.
  • The filler is compatible with bookcases and other furniture from the Young Users collection.
  • Wondering how the product will look on a particular piece of furniture? Use the VOXBOX app and preview the visualization, which will help you decide.
  • In addition to the grille, the X filler, Plus filler and U filler are also available.

width: 48 cmheight: 48 cmDepth: 29 cm

  • The filler is available in a choice of two panel colors: white and black.
  • The product has blue edging on one side and pink edging on the other.

Melamine board with a thickness of 16 mm.

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