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Neon front metal overlay Young Users

Neon front metal overlay Young Users

Neon front metal overlay Young Users

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Product description

Childhood is the perfect time for electrifying color power and creative exploration.

Thanks to the neon yellow overlay, you will refresh the interior design and gain a distinctive base for magnets and notes.

  • The metal overlay is not only an attractive and durable protection of the furniture. On its surface you can draw with dry-erase markers, jot down important information and attach magnets and magnetic organizers.
  • Young Users furniture is open to aesthetic experimentation. Use metal overlays on the front to give it your own and unique character.
  • The installation of the overlays itself is quick and easy. It only takes a few moments to slide them on the front of a lockable cabinet or module with drawers.
  • Not sure which overlay to choose? Dispel your doubts by creating a virtual visualization of the decorated interior using the VOXBOX application.
  • Other overlays are also available: wood-like, game boards or cartoon graphics.

width: 52.7 cmheight: 52.5 cm

  • Neon yellow

The overlay is made of powder-coated steel sheet.

Thanks to this solution, it is durable and ready for many years of use.

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