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Open bookcase Nature

Open bookcase Nature

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Product description

The minimalist bookcase from the Nature collection will easily accommodate a home library. On the capacious shelves you will put your favorite books, pots with plants or decorative boxes with trinkets. The structure of this piece of furniture is strong enough to easily withstand additional loads.

  • You can adjust the height of the upper, middle and lower shelves according to your preferences. The other two are permanently mounted, so they strengthen the structure of the furniture.
  • Light, high and angled legs are a common element of all furniture from the Nature collection. This characteristic detail will make it easier for you to prepare a coherent arrangement.
  • The depth of the body of the bookcase (not taking into account the spaced legs of the furniture), is 35 cm.
  • The maximum allowable load of each shelf is 14 kg. So the furniture can accommodate a really large collection of literature!
  • The vertical edges and legs are made of natural oak wood. This material absorbs impacts better and is more resistant to minor damage.
  • The rounded shape of the vertical edges increases the safety of using the furniture - you don't have to worry about getting a bump.
  • The bookcase is available in one universal color version and is made of double-sided panels: the interiors of the shelves are kept in a neutral white color, which gently contrasts with the oak decor of the body.
  • In our offer you will also find a smaller model of Nature bookcase.
  • Thanks to the VOXBOX application you can easily prepare a virtual visualization and check how the new bookcase will present itself in your home.

width: 100.6 cmheight: 207.4 cmDepth: 39.938 cm

  • Body: decor in oak color.
  • Shelves and interior: white.
  • Legs and edges: matte lacquered oak.

  • Body: laminated particleboard (thickness: 16 mm).
  • Legs and vertical edges: oak wood.

Oak wood is a natural material that undergoes oxidation processes over time. Therefore, its color may slightly change its color - however, this is not a disadvantage, but an inherent characteristic of this raw material.

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