/Storage unit for desk L 140 Young Users

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Storage unit for desk L 140 Young Users

Storage unit for desk L 140 Young Users

Storage unit for desk L 140 Young Users

269 zł

Product description

The pedestal is adapted to the design of the 140 L desk from the Young Users collection. It provides support for one of its side walls, and at the same time provides additional storage space. It can also be used as a freestanding cabinet.

  • The large depth of the pedestal allows you to functionally organize many useful items.
  • The rubberized handle allows you to open the pedestal conveniently.
  • You can easily combine the lockable cabinet with a dedicated desk. You can mount it in a left- or right-hand version - depending on your preferred furniture positioning.
  • After attaching self-adhesive feet, the pedestal can also serve as a free-standing cabinet.
  • To change the universal appearance of the pedestal, just buy a metal front overlay for it. It can provide a colorful base for magnets and notes, a decorative graphic, an educational board or even a game shield.
  • Want to check how the furniture will look in the selected room? Use the VOXBOX app.

width: 35.2 cmheight: 35 cmDepth: 64.8 cm

  • The pedestal is white. Installing a metal cap allows you to personalize its appearance.
  • The handle is black in color.

The pedestal was made of laminated board. It withstands a lot of load, is scratch-resistant and easy to care for.

  • Body and front: laminated particleboard with a thickness of 16 mm.
  • The back wall of the furniture: laminated HDF board with a thickness of 2,5 mm.
  • Handle: rubber-coated metal.

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