Furniture delivery in the webshop

If your cart contains furniture and decorative articles, we will send them in one order. We calculate the delivery cost based on the weight and value of the furniture.

Waga mebli z opakowaniemDostawa bez wniesienia w 10 dni roboczychDostawa z wniesieniem w 10 dni roboczychSzybka dostawa w 3 dni robocze z wniesieniemOdbiór osobisty w salonie VOX
do 20 kg39 zł39 zł + 2% wartości mebli89 zł + 2% wartości mebli0 zł
do 50 kg89 zł89 zł + 2% wartości mebli189 zł + 2% wartości mebli0 zł
51 - 200 kg149 zł149 zł + 2% wartości mebli299 zł + 2% wartości mebli0 zł
201 - 400 kg199 zł199 zł + 2% wartości mebli399 zł + 2% wartości mebli0 zł
401 - 600 kg249 zł249 zł + 2% wartości mebli499 zł + 2% wartości mebli0 zł
601 - 800 kg299 zł299 zł + 2% wartości mebli599 zł + 2% wartości mebli0 zł
801 - 1000 kg349 zł349 zł + 2% wartości mebli699 zł + 2% wartości mebli0 zł
1001 - 1200 kg399 zł399 zł + 2% wartości mebli799 zł + 2% wartości mebli0 zł
> 1200 kg449 zł449 zł + 2% wartości mebli899 zł + 2% wartości mebli0 zł

The lead time of "in 10 working days" applies to most furniture that is available in our warehouse. You will see the actual lead time on the product card and in the shopping cart when selecting your delivery method - some products have extended lead times (mattresses, frames, custom-made upholstered furniture). Fast delivery is not available for our entire range.

When choosing a delivery service - we deliver the ordered furniture in multi-family buildings regardless of the floor and lift access. As part of the lifting service, the transport company is obliged to deliver the consignment to the house / flat (to the delivery address indicated in the order) beyond the threshold or to the first architectural barrier. The target location should be prepared in advance and have easy access (sufficient door width, no objects that make manual transport difficult).

The cost of delivery and installation of orders placed in VOX stores varies and depends on the conditions offered by the respective store. The above prices apply to online orders.

Delivery of decorative articles

Wartość zamówieniaKurier (2-3 dni robocze)Paczkomaty InPost 24/7 (2 dni robocze)
do 150 zł17 zł12 zł
powyżej 150 zł0 zł0 zł

Assembling VOX furniture

Each package comes with a detailed assembly instruction, which shows step by step how to assemble the furniture. You can also contact a customer advisor by writing to

The furniture assembly service does not include:

  • fixing fittings to walls and ceilings to hang shelves, cabinets and lamps
  • disposal of packaging of assembled furniture and decorative articles
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