Our network offers a professional service for investments. Each investment being carried out is under the care of our sales representatives - professionals with experience in the construction industry, who provide assistance consisting in professional technical consultancy, preparation of offers that are favourable in terms of price and quality, preparation of orders, as well as control of their timely implementation.

Please refer to the list of sales representatives in the Contact section for assistance with your project. There you will find the name of the city in which the showroom employing the representative is located.

You are also welcome to contact us directly:

Investment Sales Director
Sebastian Jarek
+48 607 661 919

Investment Service Coordinator - Region East
Krystian Ziaja
+48 783 400 216

Investment Service Coordinator - Western Region
Tomasz Brzeskwiniewicz
+48 601 839 522

Online store hotline
67 253 94 94
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