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487 products

A chest of drawers has more than one name. It can be elegant, modern or versatile. Sometimes it stands directly on the floor, other times it floats on high legs. In addition to drawers, the chest of drawers may also include lockable cabinets and open shelves. Its top will serve both as a table for plant pots and seasonal decorations, and as a storage space for books or travel mementos.

Functional chests of drawers in various sizes will work well not only in the living room, dining room or bedroom. You can choose one that will perfectly complement the decor of a hallway or youth room, providing storage space for clothes and accessories. Wooden furniture is not the only practical solution - durable laminated board will serve us for a long time, as evidenced by chests of drawers made of high-quality materials available in the VOX offer.

What kind of chest of drawers to choose?

When deciding on a chest of drawers, it is worthwhile to be guided by the tasks we will set before it, the square footage we have and the rest of the interior. In a cozy room a wooden chest of drawers will work, which will bring with it soothing warmth. In an elegant living room a simple white chest of drawers with discreet handles will pass the test, and the decor of a modern living room can be complemented by a minimalist gray chest of drawers. For a living room used by the whole family, choose a piece of furniture with drawers of different depths and a board to protect items from accidental knocking down.

A practical drawer dresser can help us separate the dining nook from the home entertainment center. Narrow chests of drawers will not only perfectly delineate functional zones, but also accommodate books, decorative figures and green tenants in ceramic shades.

However, we don't have to decide on any of the ready-made options. Thanks to the intuitive configurator, we will create the dream dresser for our home in just five steps. We ourselves will determine the number and arrangement of drawers and shelves, the color of doors and partitions, as well as the type of legs and handles. Thanks to this, the chest of drawers will perfectly complement the interior design, providing exactly as much space for items as we need. We will give it character by setting the right decorations on the dresser for the living room.

Shoe dresser - cabinet not only for the living room

A chest of drawers in any home will prove useful not only in the living room. In the hallway it will provide a place to store keys, leather goods or warm scarves. Properly shaped, it will accommodate shoes or bags, helping to keep the house in order.

A large dresser is also a great addition to the bedroom. The chests of drawers in this room will be ideal for storing linen, clothes or extra bedding for guests. Thanks to the variety of drawer sizes and configurations, we can easily organize the stored items. A chest of drawers with shelves will also serve as a dressing table, if we decide to hang mirror and additional lighting above it.

Where else will such a versatile piece of furniture be useful? Room chests of drawers can become an essential part of any home office. Chests with drawers will help us organize documents, office supplies or small electronics. It is the perfect place to store everything we need for work or study.

However, let's remember that the ideal dresser is one that makes it easy to find everything you need. So let's not be afraid of organizers and baskets. These will come in handy especially if you place a chest of drawers for school supplies and accessories in a teenager's room.

Modern dresser high or low? The ideal size exists

Drawer chests can hold as much, but take up more or less space. How is this possible? Because a lot depends on whether you choose a low-set solid or a commode on high legs. This one will work especially well in small rooms that need more light. The raised body will make the interior visually lighter and optically become slightly higher. Tall chests of drawers are also conducive to maintaining order. Thanks to the available space, we can easily remove dust from under the furniture.

The low, small chest of drawers will be an excellent addition to homes where children live. A lower center of gravity makes the piece of furniture more stable and less likely to tip over. As a result, even a heavy oak dresser is safe to use. However, if you want to make it even more secure for small householders, bet on modern dressers without protruding handles.

Elegant room dressers - black, white or modern?

Choosing the right dresser affects not only the functionality of the interior, but also its aesthetics. In VOX we offer dressers in a variety of colors, from black through shades of oak, green or white. A black dresser is synonymous with elegance and timeless style. It is the perfect choice for those who appreciate sophisticated simplicity and depth of color, which adds character to the interior. The black chest of drawers can provide a strong decorative accent in a room, while easily blending with other furnishings. It can be a chest of drawers under the TV, also known as an RTV cabinet.

A white dresser, on the other hand, is the quintessence of freshness and lightness - it brightens up the space and brings a sense of harmony to it. It is ideal for bright, spacious interiors, which are dominated by a minimalist approach to design. The white modern chest of drawers not only optically enlarges the room, but also provides a perfect background for colorful decorations, allowing you to easily change the decor at a low cost without having to replace the furniture. Looking for inspiration on what to put on the top of the dresser in the bedroom, so we can change its perception with accessories.

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