How to buy with installation in VOX stores

In VOX stores, we sell our doors and floors with an optional installation service. It is carried out by certified contractors cooperating with our network. It is worth taking advantage of their experience and at the same time save on doors and floors, which when purchased with the service are charged only 8% VAT.

The most problematic is the installation of doors, which is why it is worth ordering them with an installation service. Our fitters take measurements to avoid ordering the wrong size door. During the measurement, the scope of work needed for installation and the cost of the installation service is determined.

What do you need to know about the measurement and the installation?

  • A deposit of PLN 100 is charged for the visit of the fitter, payable at the time of measuring. In case of ordering the goods measured by the assembler, the amount will be reduced by this amount. In case the order is not placed, this amount is not refundable.
  • When completing your order, please select the branch to carry out the measurement and, in the future, the installation. If you are not sure if you are in the area of the branch, please contact us - we will check.
  • A member of staff from the selected branch will contact you within 2 working days to arrange a visit by the fitter.
  • During the measurement, the fitter will determine the scope of work and write a measurement report, which will be delivered to the branch.
  • Upon receipt of the measurement report, our salesman will prepare a complete quotation for your order and terms of installation.
  • You will only know the cost of the fitter's work after the measurement. The "price with installation option" shown next to the products means the price of the product itself including 8% VAT without the cost of installation.

Self assembly

  • If you decide to install the floor yourself, please read the instructions. Before starting the work, please check the purchased goods carefully to make sure that there are no manufacturing defects. Important: Any product not installed according to the instructions is not covered by the guarantee.
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