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Chest of drawers 4 You Fresh

Chest of drawers 4 You Fresh

Chest of drawers 4 You Fresh

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Product description

A tall dresser with drawers will work well as an addition to your home closet. Use it to easily organize clothes, linen, bedding and various trinkets. You can combine the chest of drawers with other furniture from the 4 You Fresh collection to achieve a cohesive interior design.

  • The chest of drawers has three smaller and two larger drawers with a silent closing system. Their asymmetrical layout makes it easy to sort things. The height of the shallow drawers is 17.6 cm, and the deep drawers are 34.8 cm.
  • In the upper part of the chest of drawers there is a recess finished with contrasting oak decor. It provides instant access to things worth having always at hand. The high edges further protect items from falling.
  • The chest of drawers has minimalist handles with a conveniently shaped edge. They can be made of oak wood or metal in the color of the furniture.
  • 4 You Fresh pl chests of drawers also come in other versions: wide and low.
  • Using the VOXBOX program, you can match the new chest of drawers to the interior design on a realistic visualization.

width: 74.7 cmheight: 127.4 cmDepth: 42.1 cm

  • The body and drawers are sand beige in color.
  • The niche at the top of the dresser has an oak decor.
  • The handles can be sand beige or oak.

  • The chest of drawers is made of laminated panels. This material has increased scratch resistance, plus it is easy to keep clean.

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