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1-door wardrobe 4 You Fresh

1-door wardrobe 4 You Fresh

1-door wardrobe 4 You Fresh

990 zł

Product description

The compact 4 You Fresh closet will work well as a stand-alone piece of furniture or as an addition to your closet equipment. Thanks to its small size, it will easily fit into any space. You can easily adjust its interior to your needs.

  • Inside the closet there is a shelf, under which a bar for hanging clothes is placed. Thanks to additional LED lighting, access to the furniture's contents is easy even in the middle of the night. The light turns on automatically when the door is opened.
  • The interior of the furniture behind the door can be adapted for arranging clothes by purchasing a dedicated set of 3 shelves.
  • The bottom drawer is placed on a high-quality slide that guarantees easy pull-out and quiet closing for years to come.
  • The closet door is equipped with a quiet closing system, which allows it to close comfortably.
  • The furniture has minimalist handles. There are two versions to choose from: metal in the color of the cabinet and oak.
  • To increase the amount of storage space, you can additionally choose a side bookcase with a height of 206 cm.
  • The 4 You Fresh collection also includes other, larger cabinets: a 2-door, 4-door and corner cabinet.
  • The intuitive VOXBOX program allows you to check how your new closet will present itself in your home even before you buy it.

width: 57.5 cmheight: 206 cmDepth: 56.7 cm

  • The color of the closet is sand beige.
  • The furniture handles can be sand beige or oak.

Cabinet made of laminated board is resistant to damage and dirt from daily use.

  • Body, shelf, door and drawer: 16 mm thick laminated board.
  • The back wall of the furniture and the bottom of the drawer: 3 mm thick HDF laminated board.
  • Handles: metal or wood (depending on the color variant).

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