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Desk 140 4 You Fresh

Desk 140 4 You Fresh

Desk 140 4 You Fresh

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Product description

The functional desk from the 4 You Fresh pl collection is designed to adapt to individual room conditions and household preferences. It is a smart storage system that allows not only excellent organization, but also comfortable use of the workspace.

  • The clever combination of a tabletop and a toolbox allows you to both stay organized and work comfortably on a project - everything you need is within easy reach.
  • On the left side of the desk is a binder box with two compartments, covered by an oak-colored lid. It has been equipped with convenient compartments, so it can act as a toolbox for small office accessories. The toolbox can be turned upside down to extend the surface of the top.
  • Under the tabletop is a wide, ergonomic drawer, providing additional space for organization. For larger items, on the other hand, a capacious drawer located under the file box will come in handy. The drawers are equipped with sturdy slides with a silent closing system, which allow you to conveniently find and use hidden accessories.
  • Thin handles provide easy access to drawer contents. There are two color options to choose from. The preferred color is enough to choose at the stage of purchase.
  • The 140 desk will successfully serve as an accessory for a home office or children's room. The 4 You Fresh collection also includes a narrower desk and a sleek dressing table.
  • Using the VOXBOX program, you can check how the desk with a toolbox will look in the apartment.

width: 141.8 cmheight: 78.9 cmDepth: 63.4 cm

  • The body and front of the desk are a shade of sandy beige.
  • The lid with the toolbox is in oak color.
  • The handle can be one of two colors: sand beige or oak.

  • Top, drawers, body, lid with utensil: laminated board.
  • Handle: metal painted to match the color of the furniture or oak wood.

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