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1-door сabinet Stige

1-door сabinet Stige

1-door сabinet Stige

479 zł

Product description

Lockable 1-door cabinet with height-adjustable shelves. It can function on its own or be combined with other furniture from the Stige collection to create a built-in unit tailored to the child\'s needs.

  • The cabinet can stand directly on the ground, so its contents will also be accessible to the toddler. For more storage space, it can be mounted on a dresser with a mobile pedestal or a bookcase shelf.
  • Inside the cabinet there are 2 shelves, the height of which is adjustable. This allows you to store items of different sizes in the furniture.
  • The door is equipped with a silent closing system and a rounded handle, safe also for children.
  • The cabinet can be installed so that it opens to the right or left.
  • With safety in mind, the cabinet should be fixed to the wall. The furniture can be combined with other elements of the Stige series, using the included metal connectors. In this way you get a personalized cabinet, which makes it easier to keep things in order and decorates the interior.
  • In the VOXBOX program, you can create a visualization of the room and plan the location of the 1-door Stige cabinet.

width: 47 cmheight: 94 cmDepth: 49 cm

  • The cabinet has a universal gray color. It can be freely combined with other modules from the Stige series.
  • The handle is stained in the shade of light pine wood.

The cabinet is made of laminated board. This makes it resistant to minor damage and easy to clean.

  • Body, front and shelves: laminated particle board with a thickness of 16 mm.
  • Back walls of the furniture: laminated HDF board with a thickness of 2,5 mm.
  • Handle: beech wood, stained and lacquered.

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