/3-seater sofa with sleeping function Nilla

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3-seater sofa with sleeping function Nilla

3-seater sofa with sleeping function Nilla

3-seater sofa with sleeping function Nilla

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Product description

Nilla sofa is an indispensable companion for everyday relaxation. It will come in handy when you want to drink coffee in peace, watch a movie, meet with friends or just hang out with your family. With just a few moves, you can turn it into a bed for two. With its refined details and wide range of fabrics, it will also be a beautiful decoration for your interior.

  • Minimalist and geometric, the Nilla sofa will work well in a variety of spaces.
  • Its high quality filling guarantees the comfort of rest. The seat is soft and springy, and resistant to deformation.
  • Wide armrests provide comfortable support for the hands. Relaxation for the spine is brought by stable backrest cushions.
  • The Nilla sofa has a sleeping function, so it works well as an extra bed. Its sleeping area of 141 x 205 cm is suitable for 2 adults.
  • To unfold the sofa, just lift the seat slightly and pull it towards you. Underneath is the other part of the sleeping area. The lack of transverse cuts in the seat makes the sleeping space for both people equal and comfortable.
  • The appearance of the sofa can be matched to the arrangement by deciding on the upholstery fabric. The pattern book of available fabrics with different qualities and colors can be seen in VOX stores.
  • The Nilla sofa is aesthetically finished on all sides, so it can stand in the center of the living room. Its interesting line is emphasized by a decorative seam.
  • The furniture has low, invisible legs.
  • By attaching a pouffe from the same collection to the sofa, you can gain the option of relaxing in a semi-reclining position. A corner sofa with a sleeping function is also available as part of the Nilla collection.
  • Various variants of the sofa setting can be tested using the VOXBOX program.
  • The Nilla sofa is manufactured in Poland, to order. Therefore, it is not returnable.
  • Technical information: as a result of the use of soft foams, there may be differences in shapes and dimensions between the photos from the catalog and website and the actual product (maximum deviation: up to about 5%).

width: 258 cmheight: 92 cmDepth: 94 cm

The seat and back of the furniture use high-quality polyurethane foam and corrugated spring. The backrest cushions have been filled with silicone balls. The stability of the structure is provided by a frame made of beech wood. The low legs are made of plastic.

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