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Ash SXP-05

Ash SXP-05

Ash SXP-05


Product description


The MAX-3 SYSTEM is the result of the search for an ideal facade system that retains the advantages of metal siding while eliminating its disadvantages.

The system developed in this way, thanks to the MAX-3 (triple extrusion) technology, has achieved superior mechanical damage resistance and high resistance to extreme temperatures – both very low and very high ones.

At the same time, in contrast to metal siding, MAX-3 SYSTEM is comfortable and easy to install, and it does not corrode, peel or fade.

This naturally looking and attractive facade perfectly imitating natural wood is environmentally friendly, as it is made of fully recyclable plastic.


  • length: 3,85 m

  • overall width: 283 mm

  • usable width: 250 mm

  • quantity in a package: 10 pieces

  • number of m2 in a package (overal): 10,895 m2

  • number of m2 in a package (usable): 9,625 m2


  • length: 3.05 m (all battens)

  • quantity in a package: 5 items SV(P)/PU - 12, 12.5, 12V, 14, 15.5, 16.5, 18, 19

  • number of running meters in a package: 15.25 running meters

  • quantity in a package: 10 items SV(P)/PU - 11, 11.5 and 15

  • number of running meters in a package: 30.5 rm


  1. limited linear extensibility
    The first layer allows you to limit the sensitivity of the MAX-3 panels to high and low temperatures (linear extensibility), which guarantees form stability and allows mounting regardless of ambient temperature.

  2. increased impact strength
    The second - a thick layer gives to panels of System MAX-3 the raised impact durability and firmness to mechanical impacts.

  3. resistance to weather conditions
    The third layer is responsible for the appearance of the product. It is the carrier of the color and structure of the panel. Strengthened resistance to UV radiation, as well as a structure that limits pollution, guarantees an excellent appearance of the facade for many years.

MAX-3 SYSTEM is a technologically advanced facade system. Use of the innovative three-layer MAX-3 TECHNOLOGY enabled us to create a product that can be used even under extreme conditions.

The inspiration for creating the product was metal siding – the objective was to preserve the main advantages of metal siding and eliminate its drawbacks. As a result, MAX-3 SYSTEM has been developed, which combines high resistance and possibilities offered by the shape, colour and structure of the polymeric material.

The MAX-3 SYSTEM panels made using the MAX-3 TECHNOLOGY are characterized by superior resistance to mechanical damage, previously available only when using metal siding, and low linear expansion, which provides high resistance to low and high temperatures. At the same time, in contrast to metal sidings, MAX-3 SYSTEM is comfortable and easy to handle and install, non-corrosive, and it does not peel or fade during use, so it does not require specialized maintenance and painting.

The use of MAX-3 SYSTEM is an eco-friendly solution – the material from which it is made is fully recyclable.

The top layer has a knurl for water droplets. The grooves that make up the structure and reflect the natural structure of wood both allow the free flow of water and limit the dirt accumulation on the facade surface.

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