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Chest of drawers with base 53x53 and drawer Young Users Eco

Chest of drawers with base 53x53 and drawer Young Users Eco

Chest of drawers with base 53x53 and drawer Young Users Eco

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Product description

Young Users Eco pl platform chest of drawers allows you to maximize the potential of free space in the room. A cabinet with an adjustable shelf and three drawers, including one mobile - the functional layout makes it easy to organize items and provide convenient access to them.

  • Thanks to the height-adjustable shelf, the lockable cabinet at the top of the furniture will accommodate items of different sizes.
  • The lower part of the dresser is a module with two drawers. In the smaller one you will organize closet accessories or paper accessories. The larger one will help you organize clothes, toys or binders with documents.
  • Right-sided or left-sided? You will decide yourself at the stage of installation which chest of drawers will work best in the decorated room.
  • When designing the chest of drawers, the smallest details were taken care of. Discreet handles were covered with rubber.
  • In the platform, flush with the chest of drawers, you will find a capacious drawer on wheels. At any time you can slide it out to the center of the room to make it easier to clean up scattered trinkets.
  • If you want the chest of drawers to be an eye-catcher, you can change its appearance by buying metal front caps. Smooth and colorful, decorated with fun graphics, with a practical planner or basketball hoop - the options are many.
  • Use the VOXBOX app to see how a chest of drawers with a platform will fit into the space of your home even before you buy.
  • A wider dresser with drawers is also available as part of the same collection, also in a variant with a platform.

width: 53.6 cmheight: 141 cmDepth: 53 cm

  • The dresser has a white color. You can personalize its appearance with metal door caps.
  • The rubberized handles are black.
  • The platform comes in two variants to choose from at the purchase stage: white and black. Thus, it can harmoniously harmonize with the chest of drawers or provide a striking contrast to it.
  • The drawer has two different fronts. By turning it, you can get a white or black accent in the arrangement.

Laminated board, from which the dresser is made, allows you to forget about scratches and hard-to-remove dirt. To clean it, all you need is a damp cloth.

  • Body, fronts, shelf and drawers: 16 mm thick laminated particleboard.
  • Back walls of the furniture and drawer bottoms: laminated HDF board, 2.5 mm thick.
  • Handles: rubber-coated metal.
  • Platform: 38 mm thick laminated cellular board.

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