/Closed bookcase with base 106x53 and drawer Young Users

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Closed bookcase with base 106x53 and drawer Young Users

Closed bookcase with base 106x53 and drawer Young Users

Closed bookcase with base 106x53 and drawer Young Users

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Product description

The closed bookcase from the Young Users collection is equipped with 8 internal shelves and a mobile drawer. Thanks to the platform you gain even more storage space. The bookcase will work well in children's, youth and living rooms.

  • Inside the bookcase you will find plenty of storage space. On the left side there are 5 shelves, and on the right side there are 3. Two of them (top and bottom) are distinguished by height adjustment. You can decide for yourself which layout will best meet your needs.
  • The bookcase also features a smoothly sliding drawer. It will accommodate toys, blankets, electronic equipment or other small items you wish to have on hand.
  • Opening the cabinets is comfortable thanks to secure rubberized handles.
  • A platform with a drawer, which forms the base of the bookcase, provides even more storage space. The box can wander around the room with its contents.
  • Metal caps can be purchased for the fronts, which allow you to quickly modify the look of the bookcase. If the child's taste changes, it is enough to introduce new additions, performing educational, entertaining and decorative functions.
  • The bookcase is distinguished by its asymmetrical design - its left part is 10 cm shallower than the right. Such construction gives the furniture an original character.
  • There is also a closed bookcase with a longer platform, available with a drawer or a pull-out table. The deeper platform in combination with cushions will serve as a comfortable seat.
  • Open the VOXBOX app and check how the closed bookcase will look on its own and in combination with other furniture from the Young Users series.

width: 106.6 cmheight: 194 cmDepth: 53 cm

  • The bookcase has a white finish. Additional color can be introduced by dedicated overlays.
  • The handles are black.
  • There is a choice of platform in black or white shade.
  • The drawer in the platform is two-tone. On one side it has a white and on the other a black front, which creates interesting arrangement possibilities.

The bookcase is made of laminated board, which is distinguished by its resistance to damage and easy to keep clean.

  • Body, fronts, shelves and drawers: 16 mm thick laminated particleboard.
  • Back walls of the furniture and drawer bottoms: laminated HDF board with a thickness of 2.5 mm.
  • Handles: rubber-coated metal.
  • Platform: 38 mm thick laminated cellular board.

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