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Cubic shelf Stige

Cubic shelf Stige

Cubic shelf Stige

199 zł

Product description

A box to be hung on a furniture ladder from the Stige collection. Allows you to conveniently organize items and maintain quick access to them. The box comes with hooks.

  • The box is in the form of an open cube cabinet, which allows you to store books, toys and utensils. The colorful piece of furniture can also be used to display decorations and sentimental trinkets.
  • The box can be hung on the ladder of selected Stige furniture, such as desk 120, desk 140, bed and sofa.
  • The simple hanging system makes it easy to reposition the box so that it is always within reach. Metal hooks are included in the set.
  • To find the best place for the Stige box even before you buy it, you can prepare a visualization of the room in the VOXBOX program.

width: 31.5 cmheight: 32.5 cmDepth: 24 cm

  • The box is available in 3 colors to choose from: blue, pistachio and pine. The shades blend harmoniously with each other, which allows you to put the boxes together freely.
  • The hooks are color-matched to the box.

The laminated board box is resistant to minor mechanical damage and easy to clean.

  • Box: laminated particle board with a thickness of 12 mm.
  • Hooks: powder-coated metal.

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