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Extendable table 4 You

Extendable table 4 You

Extendable table 4 You

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Product description

The expandable table from the 4 You collection is a place for the whole family to eat together. Modular construction of the furniture allows easy adaptation to changing conditions, and additional holes hidden under the top will make it easier to sort your items.

  • The table is equipped with separately extendable inserts with a width of 40 cm each. Use them to enlarge the surface of the tabletop - after pulling them out, the total length of the furniture will be 219 cm.
  • You can retrofit the open space under the tabletop with up to four dedicated drawers (available in two colors). They will be useful, for example, for storing cutlery.
  • In the middle part of the countertop you will find an alcove to accommodate flowers, warmers or fresh herbs. To get a completely smooth top, just close it with a cap (included with the table).
  • The corners of the table have a rounded shape. This way you will protect yourself and loved ones from painful knocks.
  • The table includes holes for easy transfer and organization of cables. You will appreciate them, among other things, when installing additional lighting.
  • Stable legs of the table are natural wood. This material not only improves aesthetics, but also has a positive effect on the durability of the furniture, looking great even after many years.
  • You can also add a comfortable bench to the table.
  • To see how the 4 You folding table will present itself in your home even before you buy it, use the VOXBOX app.

width: 138.6 cmheight: 76 cmDepth: 100 cm

  • Tabletop: white.
  • Legs and edges of tops: stained for oak decor.

  • Top: MDF board - resistant to damage and moisture, easy to keep clean.
  • Legs: pine lumber stained oak and lacquered.
If liquid is spilled on the surface of the table, wipe the elements dry as soon as possible, also paying attention to the joints of the tabletop, between which moisture may have penetrated.

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