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Mini upholstered panels Soform set grey-pink

Mini upholstered panels Soform set grey-pink

Mini upholstered panels Soform set grey-pink

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Product description

The Soform mini set consists of a light pink and gray Oval 3 panel with decorative quilting. The upholstered decoration brings a cozy atmosphere to the interior and can perform practical functions.

  • The gray-pink mini set is a ready arrangement of Soform upholstered panels. The matching of shapes, colors and upholstery fabrics was done by a VOX stylist.
  • The product will prove useful as a soft headrest or a nice-to-touch backrest. Mounted above the desk, it will allow you to attach notes, photos and other trinkets.
  • The mini set mounts quickly and non-invasively. Just use glue or Velcro tape. Depending on your preference, you can opt for either a vertical or horizontal layout.
  • You can buy a dedicated hook for the mini set and gain a handy hanger for clothes, keys or headphones.
  • The dimensions of the mini set are 60x30 cm. There are also larger gray-pink compositions of Soform upholstered panels: small, medium or large. When put together, they look great.
  • Returns are not subject to individual elements of the set, but the whole set.

width: 60 cmheight: 30 cmDepth: 3 cm

  • Mini set is composed of panels in shades of light pink velvet matt and gray wool.
  • The color scheme in the photo may differ slightly from the actual state.
  • You can find a template of available materials for verifying the colors of upholstered panels in any VOX store with a furniture offer.

The panels are durable and easy to care for - just vacuum them regularly. In case of visible dirt, a mild upholstery cleaner may be useful.

  • Body: 5 mm thick HDF board.
  • Filling: 25 mm thick upholstery foam.
  • Upholstery: upholstery fabric. In the case of the pink panel, we are talking about Burano matte velour knit fabric with very good abrasion resistance. The gray panel is upholstered in Clark fabric with natural wool composition.

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