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Single right-hand module with side Chill

Single right-hand module with side Chill

Single right-hand module with side Chill

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Product description

A single Chill module with a right side panel will work as a comfortable place to relax in any interior - even those that require frequent changes. The furniture has a wide armrest and two pillows. The minimalist shape can function as an independent armchair or part of a set - combined with the left module, it will create a classic sofa.


The soft seat and backrest finished with side panels ensure high comfort of rest. The armrest is on the right side from the perspective of the person sitting on the furniture.

The furniture comes in a set with 2 pillows - the long one can provide lumbar support, and the square one can provide greater comfort to the back. You can remove the covers from the cushions to clean them.

The module has been aesthetically covered with fabric on all sides, so it also looks good when placed in the middle of the room.

Retractable hooks hidden under the seats are used to connect furniture from the Chill collection.

You can choose the upholstery fabric of the module yourself. Samples of available fabrics are available in VOX stationary stores.

The base of the module are black legs, invisible from the outside.

You can also buy the right-sided module with a cover attached with Velcro.

You can also choose from other elements of the Chill collection - a longer ottoman, a functional pouffe, and a block without sides that can be the central part of the sofa. We recommend ordering all modules at the same time - this will avoid differences in the shades of upholstery fabrics from different production batches.

The module is manufactured in Poland.

The VOXBOX visualization program allows you to create a living room design using Chill furniture and test the best arrangement of modules.

Technical information: due to the use of soft foams, there may be differences in shapes and dimensions between the photos in the catalog and website and the actual product (maximum deviation: up to approx. 5%).

The goods are manufactured to customer order and are not returnable.

width: 130 cmheight: 70 cmDepth: 108 cm

The module is available in various fabrics and color versions. You can find a full sample book of available fabrics and colors in any VOX furniture showroom. To ensure the best conditions for the selection of furniture finishes, visit one of our showrooms, where the fabric can be touched and viewed in different light.

  • frame: pine wood, beech wood, furniture board, plywood
  • seat: corrugated spring, HR30 foam
  • backrest: H30 foam, silicone filling
  • plastic legs, black

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