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Small box Into

Small box Into

Small box Into

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Product description

The small box will help to organise the open space of the INTO cabinet in a functional way. It will help you organise small items and ensure convenient access to them.

The box simply slides into the open part of the INTO cabinet. You can pull it out at any time and change its place.

The small box has a fully enclosed back panel. Thanks to it, no small item falls out of the furniture.

The open part of the INTO cabinet can accommodate 4 small boxes, arranged in a row. It is also possible to combine 2 small boxes and 1 large one, or opt for a different combination.

The INTO system allows you to freely compose bookcases, sideboards and cabinets to suit your own needs and different spaces. It consists of a base cabinet, a set of legs and boxes designed to organise the interior of the furniture.

The VOXBOX programme allows you to check how the modular furniture will look in combination with the rest of the interior furnishings.

width: 14.5 cmheight: 37.2 cmDepth: 41.8 cm

The INTO small box is available in 3 colours:
  • cava beige
  • powder pink
  • oak decor

The shades match each other perfectly, so you can freely combine them to make a new look of the furniture.

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