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Table with drawers Nature

Table with drawers Nature

Table with drawers Nature

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Product description

What would a dining room be without a sturdy table? This practical piece of furniture from the Nature collection will provide a comfortable place for daily gatherings for you and your family. Thanks to its functional and well-thought-out design, you can easily adjust the table to your needs.

  • Modern design goes hand in hand with classic character here: the key parts of the Nature table are entirely made of noble oak wood.
  • A metal recess runs through the entire table - sturdy enough to allow you to put hot objects on it as well, without worrying about damaging the structure of the material.
  • Painted black, the niche is not only an interesting stylistic accent, but is also very practical. Inside it you can place dishes or vases with flowers, as well as run cables from lights or chargers.
  • The niche is closed with three symmetrical plugs: it is up to you to decide which of its sections will remain open. You don't need extra space to store the plugs, as you will hide them inside the niche.
  • In addition, the table has six capacious drawers that will hold cutlery, napkins, frequently used trinkets and many other things. Every member of the family can have their own private nook!
  • The unusual slanted shape of the drawers gives the table body a light form.
  • Rounded edges significantly improve the comfort of sitting at the table even during long meetings. In addition, they also increase safety - hitting the edges will not be as dangerous as it would be with classic sharp edges.
  • Slanted legs are a common element of all furniture from the Nature collection. They not only add lightness to the solid, but also help to prepare a harmonious arrangement of the entire room.
  • The VOXBOX application will help you prepare a reliable visualization, thanks to which you can check how the Nature table will present itself in your home.

width: 180 cmheight: 75 cmDepth: 100 cm

  • Top: natural oak.
  • Slats/cavity: black.
  • Drawers: black.
  • Legs: natural oak.

  • Top: oak wood (protected with matte lacquer).
  • Legs and drawers: oak wood.
  • Recess, end caps, decorative element on the side: stained metal (steel).

Natural wood, from which the Nature table is made, is a heterogeneous material. On its surface there may be knots, small discolorations and various arrangements of wooden texture. These are natural features of this raw material, which makes each table unique and truly special.
In the event of a spill on the surface of the table, wipe the elements dry as soon as possible, also paying attention to the joints of the tabletop, between which moisture may have penetrated.

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