/TV unit 180 with functional slat Simple

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TV unit 180 with functional slat Simple

TV unit 180 with functional slat Simple

TV unit 180 with functional slat Simple

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Product description

  • Define your dream piece of furniture by choosing the color of the body, fronts, handles and type of legs. The interior of the cabinet will be made exactly in the color you selected for the body.
  • The 180 RTV cabinet from the Simple collection was designed after an in-depth study of residential habits and ways of using RTV furniture in the broadest sense. The depth and height of the cabinet is dictated by the guidelines resulting from the function. The TV set placed on the cabinet will be at an ergonomic height in relation to the viewer sitting on the sofa.
  • The open spaces will accommodate almost any electronic equipment (including the thick cables that come out of it). The depth of the furniture is a combination of several guidelines: a piece of furniture not too deep for a hanging TV, not too shallow for one standing on a cabinet.
  • The structure of the furniture has been reinforced with the so-called fifth leg, which makes the cabinet prepared to endure heavy loads, and the equipment stored in it will be safe.
  • Both drawers have Silent System, thanks to which even a quick closing of the drawers will not damage their contents. The interior of the drawers is designed to accommodate both CDs, Blue Ray and DVDs.
  • Above the drawers are two open spaces for storing electronic equipment. Their size is dictated by the size of electronic equipment available in wide distribution. In addition, the open spaces will also accommodate DVDs. A gap between the open spaces allows cables to be passed through to a trough designed to organize them.
  • In the back of the furniture there is a gutter closed with a flap. This is the place to put the electrical strip and all the cables that need to be connected to it. This will not only tame the cable mess, but also protect the cables from collecting dust. The gutter closes with a flap on special, discreet hinges that enhance the aesthetics of the furniture. Two beech cable grommets allow you to bring electricity, internet and antenna signals into the cabinet. Instead of a dense stream of cables, a maximum of 3 will protrude from the furniture!
  • Just next to the gutter there is a special slot on which you can hang a ready set of plugs. They allow you to create gaps of the size you need to bring the cables out to the cabinet and connect the equipment that is on the furniture. For a ready-made set of plugs you can also buy an additional one (the smallest one), so as to fully close the gap.
  • Tall appliances that do not fit in open spaces, you can put on the cabinet and also hide the cables in the gutter.
  • You can configure Simple furniture with materials of different finishes. Furniture in oak and gray are made of high-quality laminated board (body and front) . Black furniture is made of painted board with matte lacquer finish (body and front) . White furniture is made of laminated board (body) and matte painted board (front).
  • Size is given without feet. If you choose protective feet, add 1cm to the height, if you choose other feet: 9cm.

width: 2.4 - 180 cmheight: 1.1 - 46.4 cmDepth: 1.6 - 45 cm

  • Body - your choice of color: white, gray, black or oak
  • Fronts - choice of color: white, gray, black or oak
  • Legs - choice of: black skids, square legs in white, black, gray or oak, black angled legs, oak oval legs or option without legs - then the furniture stands on protective feet.
  • Handles - your choice: white, gray or black.

  • Body: laminated or painted furniture board - depending on the color option selected. Body gray white or oak - laminated board. Black body - painted board with matte finish.
  • Fronts: laminated or painted furniture board - depending on the color option selected. Gray or oak front - laminated board. White and black fronts - painted board with matte effect.
  • Legs - depending on the selected shape. Skids: Metal, Legs black, gray and white: Beech, Legs in wood color: Oak.
  • Handles: Metal

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