/Upholstered bed 160x200 Harmonic IV

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Upholstered bed 160x200 Harmonic IV

Upholstered bed 160x200 Harmonic IV

Upholstered bed 160x200 Harmonic IV

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Product description

Harmonic upholstered bed creates comfortable sleeping and evening rest for 2 people. The furniture has a tilting frame and a large bedding container. The headrest with decorative quilting provides soft support for the back. The product is made to order - the customer chooses the upholstery fabric and the variant of the legs himself.
  • Harmonic bed provides comfortable rest for 2 people. Its sleeping surface is 160 x 200 cm.
  • The body and headrest of the bed are upholstered, which contributes to a cozy atmosphere in the bedroom. You can customize the product by choosing the type of upholstery fabric and its color. 
  • The legs of the bed are also subject to personalization. They are 18 cm high, making it easier to clean the room. 
  • For the bed, you should buy a mattress of your preferred firmness. A model without clearly rounded edges will look best. The permissible weight of the mattress is 20 - 40 kg.
  • Under the mattress there is a capacious box, where you can store textiles and seasonal clothing. The lack of internal compartments means that the container can also be used for larger items, such as bags or suitcases.
  • The bed features a tilt frame with a safety device that keeps the mattress in a fixed position when it is lifted. This allows easy access to the bedding container.
  • There are also other 2-person upholstered beds - Geometric with a delicately quilted top and Puric with a smooth headrest. 
  • The design of the furniture was created by Joanna Leciejewska. Its production takes place in Poland.
  • If you are looking for inspiration to furnish your bedroom with the Harmonic IV bed, you can check out various possibilities in the VOXBOX visualization program.
  • Technical information: as a result of the use of soft foams, there may be differences in shapes and dimensions between the photos from the catalog and website and the actual product (maximum deviation: up to about 5%).
  • Goods are manufactured to customer order and are not returnable.

width: 167 cmheight: 119 cmDepth: 211 cm

The upholstered backrest is filled with soft foam. The body is made of furniture board, durable and long-lasting, covered with a fabric of your choice. The metal bed frame has spring strips and a gas lift. The structure rests on solid oak, beech or ash wood legs.

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