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4-door wardrobe 4 You Fresh

4-door wardrobe 4 You Fresh

4-door wardrobe 4 You Fresh

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Product description

The 4-door closet, part of the 4 You Fresh pl collection, is designed to make organizing your closet as easy as possible. Its functionality makes it a great fit for any bedroom decor, keeping up with your needs as they change over the years. The folding doors provide access to the full contents of the closet, making every busy morning easier. By adding a side shelving unit, you'll gain even more storage space.

  • The 4-door 4 You Fresh closet will successfully replace a separate closet. Clever solutions and hidden functions will help you make optimal use of the furniture's interior.
  • Sliding closet doors fold like an accordion. Thanks to this, all clothes and accessories are always at hand. The door is equipped with a silent closing system.
  • The closet comes in two heights to choose from: 206 cm and 241 cm. The higher variant means one more shelf (5 instead of 4) on the right side and an additional shelf above the drawers, as well as a straightening system for the middle door.
  • The height of most shelves (except the top one) is freely adjustable. This allows you to allocate as much space for shirts or sweaters as you need. The shelves can also be repositioned to the left side of the closet.
  • The varied space inside the closet allows you to comfortably organize clothes according to your needs. Through the entire width of the piece of furniture, a bar was routed, on which you can hang shirts, dresses and other clothes. In the middle part of the furniture the bar slides out from the edge of the shelf. On the left side there is an additional bar. Other things can be folded and arranged on the solid shelves.
  • Three capacious, smoothly sliding drawers with a silent closing system are the perfect place for underwear or fashion accessories. It's a good idea to arrange them in practical organizers that make it easy to keep things in order.
  • The height of the shelf above the drawers can be adjusted to your needs. It will provide comfortable access to handbags, backpacks or a box of scarves.
  • On the upper shelves you can store seasonal clothing and shoes. It will also accommodate boxes of items that are rarely reached for. There are metal hooks next to them, which will improve getting ready in the morning. You can place hangers with ironed clothes on them, prepared for the next day.
  • Inside the closet there are LED lights with motion sensors - they light up when you open the furniture. This allows you to take out clothes without illuminating the entire bedroom.
  • Comfortable access to the contents of the closet is provided by minimalist handles. Choose one of two options: metal ones in the color of the furniture or oak ones.
  • To divide clothes into more categories, you can buy additional shelves.
  • Gain more storage space will allow you to use a side bookcase, which is attached to the closet. You can put books, decorations or pots with plants on it. The oak recess of the furniture will bring a touch of nature into the interior, giving it a cozy feel.
  • The best positioning of the 4-door closet can be tested in the VOXBOX program.

width: 180 cmheight: 206 - 240.6 cmDepth: 56.7 cm

  • The color of the closet is sand beige.
  • The handles can be sand beige or oak.

The furniture is made of laminated board, which can withstand heavy loads. It is resistant to damage, and easy to keep clean.

  • Body, doors, shelves and drawers: 16 mm thick laminated board.
  • Horizontal partitions: laminated board with a thickness of 22 mm.
  • Back wall and drawer bottoms: 3 mm thick HDF board.
  • Hooks and bar: metal.
  • Handles: metal or wood (depending on the color version).

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