/Side bookcase for a 4-door wardrobe 4 You Fresh

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Side bookcase for a 4-door wardrobe 4 You Fresh

Side bookcase for a 4-door wardrobe 4 You Fresh

Side bookcase for a 4-door wardrobe 4 You Fresh

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Product description

The side shelf of the 4-door closet from the 4 You Fresh pl collection is an easy way to increase the amount of storage space for your belongings. What won't fit in the closet, you can easily place on the capacious shelves of the furniture. The bookcase can function as a side of the closet or as a standalone piece of furniture - just attach it to the wall.

  • The bookcase is designed for the 4-door 4 You Fresh pl closet and has mounting holes that allow you to attach it to the side of this piece of furniture. This allows you to get a closet with a practical, extremely capacious extension. The bookcase also matches the sides of other cabinets from the same collection: 2-door, 1-door and corner cabinet.
  • It is available in two variants matched in height to the respective models of the 4-door closet. The smaller one with a height of 206 cm has 5 shelves, while the one with a height of 240 cm is equipped with 6 shelves.
  • Different sizes of shelves will make it easier to organize things. You can use them to showcase your favorite records, books or decorations.
  • The recess of the bookcase in the color of oak creates an interesting, gentle contrast with the beige body. It is not only a decoration of the furniture, but also optically changes its dimensions. The nature-inspired decor can also be a great background for displaying a collection of plants.
  • To see how the bookcase will present itself in the interior of your home even before you buy it, just use the intuitive VOXBOX program.

width: 56.6 cmheight: 205.8 - 240 cmDepth: 22 cm

  • The body of the bookcase has a shade of sandy beige.
  • The niche has an oak decor.

The bookcase was made of durable materials that are scratch-resistant and easy to keep clean.

  • Body: 16 mm thick laminated board.
  • Back wall of the bookcase: 3 mm thick laminated HDF board.
  • Recess: 12 mm thick laminated board.

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