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Desk 140L Young Users

Desk 140L Young Users

Desk 140L Young Users

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Product description

The 140 L desk from the Young Users collection will work well for studying, working and playing. The wide top provides comfortable support, and the deep drawers make it easy to stay organized. You decide on the base of the furniture yourself - it can be a capacious pedestal or a clever platform with a mobile drawer.

  • The desk contains 3 drawers - 2 smaller ones at the top and 1 larger one at the bottom. You can organize items of different sizes in them.
  • Under the top there is a wide, pull-out shelf. Thanks to a front bezel that tilts 90 degrees, the contents of the storage compartment are protected from dust. This is a good base not only for the keyboard and mouse, but also for notes and pens.
  • In addition to the high-quality slides, comfort is also provided by ergonomic rubberized handles.
  • The desk is not a stand-alone piece of furniture. You should match it with a platform with a drawer or a functional pedestal - in both cases you will gain more space for storing books and notebooks or paper accessories.
  • You can efficiently adjust the desk to the layout of the room thanks to the option of left or right assembly.
  • Neutral design makes the piece of furniture pass the test in both a child's room and a home office. With the help of metal door caps, you can personalize its appearance according to the taste of the owner. The options are many - from comic book graphics, to game dials, to educational boards and practical planners.
  • To check how the 140 L desk will look in the room being decorated, just use the VOXBOX app.
  • The Young Users collection also includes a smaller 120 desk and a corner desk.

width: 140 cmheight: 75 cmDepth: 65 cm

  • The pedestal and drawers are white in color. Introduce an additional shade or pattern allows dedicated overlays on the fronts.
  • The top, right leg of the desk and handles are black.

The desk is made of laminated board, resistant to scratches and minor damage. To keep the furniture clean all you need is a damp cloth.

  • Body, top, fronts and drawers: 16 mm thick laminated particleboard.
  • Back walls of the furniture and drawer bottoms: laminated HDF board with a thickness of 2.5 mm.
  • Handles: rubber-coated metal.

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