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RTV Cabinet Into

RTV Cabinet Into

RTV Cabinet Into

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Product description

The INTO system allows you to freely compose bookcases, sideboards and cabinets to suit your own needs and different spaces. The intuitive system includes a cabinet, a set of legs and boxes (large and small) designed to organise open cabinet spaces. You can choose a ready-made configuration or design your own furniture by combining the different elements. 


Creating your own piece of furniture is very simple: simply stack the number of cabinets you need (maximum 4) and connect them with the connectors provided. By adding more cabinets in width, you can create a larger built-in unit.


During assembly, you can decide whether the cabinet will have a door on the right or left side. This makes it possible to create larger furniture with any arrangement of closed and open spaces.


The empty cabinet space can be filled with boxes in 3 colours. 2 large or 4 small boxes will fit perfectly next to each other, as well as various combinations. This additional division of the open spaces will help to organise and maintain order. Their layout and number can be changed freely during use.


The basis of each piece of furniture is a set of legs, which, thanks to their height adjustment, make it possible to level the furniture.


For safety, taller furniture should be fixed to the wall.


In the VOXBOX programme, you can easily visualise your design and make sure that the composed furniture will fit into the interior.

width: 121 cmheight: 53.8 cmDepth: 43.4 cm

The INTO RTV cabinet set without boxes includes:

  • 1 set of INTO legs - gray beige powder coating
  • 1 INTO cabinet - gray beige

  • Cabinet - laminated board
  • Legs - powder-coated steel

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