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Table 100x100 4 You Fresh

Table 100x100 4 You Fresh

Table 100x100 4 You Fresh

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Product description

This table will be the star of any kitchen or dining room. Place flowers, herbs or cutlery in the functional recess in the tabletop, or arrange it in yet another way. Drawers and niches under the tabletop will hide your laptop when you're done working or your children's games and artistic creations. You will fit the compact table from the 4 You Fresh collection into any space, even a small one. Place it in the living room connected to the kitchen and create a comfortable dining room for the whole family.

  • The regular square-shaped top will fit into any room. Its rounded corners increase safety - especially important if there are children in the house.
  • The table top is double, so it provides additional shelves to help you quickly clean it up for meal time.
  • You can also buy one or two dedicated drawers for the table - they will prove useful for storing various trinkets, napkins or cutlery. Each drawer has two different fronts - beige on one side and oak on the other. You can decide for yourself which one will suit the interior better.
  • In the middle of the table there is a functional niche. You can put spices, a vase with flowers or a jug with drinks in it. It will become an ideal storage compartment - it will allow you to hide phone chargers or spare cables and enjoy tidiness in the living room. To use the level surface of the countertop, just close the storage compartment. In the recess of the tabletop there is also a hole for repositioning cables. You can use it for a laptop charger when you work at the table.
  • Strong legs set at an angle ensure the stability of the furniture and add to its character.
  • The 4 You Fresh collection also includes larger table models in 140x100 cm and 200x100 cm sizes.
  • You can plan your dream dining room in the VOXBOX interior design program.

width: 100 cmheight: 76 cmDepth: 100 cm

  • The tabletop and niche are sand beige in color.
  • The legs are stained a shade of oak.

  • The table top is made of laminated MDF - resistant to damage and easy to keep clean.
  • The legs are made of pine lumber stained and protected with varnish.

If liquid is spilled on the surface of the table, the elements should be wiped dry as soon as possible, paying special attention to the places where the table top joins, between which moisture could get in.

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