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Wide glass cabinet with lighting 4 You Fresh

Wide glass cabinet with lighting 4 You Fresh

Wide glass cabinet with lighting 4 You Fresh

1 590 zł

Product description

By choosing a wide 4 You Fresh display case, you will create a space to display and highlight important and valuable items, while ensuring their protection from dust and accidental damage. Striking LED backlighting will allow you to expose various trinkets and build an atmospheric atmosphere.

  • The wide display cabinet consists of four lockable cabinets and a glazed shelving section.
  • For the showcase you can choose metal handles in the color of the furniture or made of oak wood, which will perfectly match the color of the niche.
  • Located in the central part of the furniture, the niche contains four shelves, the height of which can be adjusted in several ranges. The niche is equipped with integrated LED backlighting, which highlights its contents in an interesting way.
  • The cabinet doors have hinges with a silent closing system. This allows you to open and close them comfortably.
  • Strong tempered glass is characterized by increased resistance to breakage. The glazing will protect the objects set in the niche from dust and allow you to expose them.
  • The furniture can be complemented with a narrow showcase or a bookcase from the same collection to increase the amount of storage and display space.
  • Using the VOXBOX program, you can test different variants of positioning the showcase in the interior.

width: 70 cmheight: 206 cmDepth: 42.1 cm

  • The furniture is kept in a sandy beige color.
  • The alcove has a warm oak decor and transparent glass.
  • Two colors of handles are available - sand beige and oak.

The showcase was made of materials that are characterized by increased resistance to damage, in addition to being easy to keep clean.

  • Body, door and interior of the furniture: laminated board.
  • Glazing: tempered glass.

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