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Table 200x100 4 You Fresh

Table 200x100 4 You Fresh

Table 200x100 4 You Fresh

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Product description

This table will be the star of any kitchen or dining room. In the functional recess in the tabletop you will place flowers, herbs or cutlery, or arrange it in yet another way. Drawers and niches under the tabletop will hide your laptop when you're done working or your children's games and artistic creations.

  • The table top is equipped with an alcove where you can keep fresh flowers, herbs, candles or other decorations, and if necessary close it and use the level surface of the table. In the niche there is a special hole for rearranging and organizing cables. It is especially useful when you work at the table with a laptop and use a charger.
  • The space between the two table tops is an ideal place to store small items. What you want to hide can be stored in capacious drawers bought separately. The table can accommodate up to 6 of them.
  • The drawers are two-colored - you can decide which front (beige or oak) you want to see. You can also use them like boxes and take them with you to the sofa, for example.
  • Rounded edges improve the comfort of sitting at the table and increase safety especially for the youngest household members.
  • The stable construction of the two tops makes the table exceptionally sturdy, and the elaborate detail of the thinset of the tops at the ends makes the whole piece extremely light in form.
  • The structure of the table is made of solid wood. In addition, it has a distinctive design, distinguishing it from other furniture in the room.
  • The offer also includes smaller tables from the 4 You Fresh collection: 100x100 cm and a folding 140x100 cm model.
  • The table from the 4 You collection will work well in any living room where creative solutions are needed. In the VOXBOX program you can see it in the visualization of your home.

width: 200 cmheight: 76 cmDepth: 100 cm

  • The tabletop and niche are a shade of sandy beige.
  • The legs are stained oak.

  • The top was created from laminated MDF. This is a material that is not only very durable, but also easy to keep clean.
  • The legs are made of pine lumber stained and protected with varnish.

If liquid is spilled on the surface of the table, the elements should be wiped dry as soon as possible, paying special attention to the places where the tabletop joins, between which moisture could get in.

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