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Folding table 140x100 4 You Fresh

Folding table 140x100 4 You Fresh

Folding table 140x100 4 You Fresh

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Product description

The 4 You Fresh collection folding table will become the star of any kitchen or dining room. Thanks to its modular design, it can be easily adapted to changing conditions. In the version with a smaller top, it will fit perfectly in a small space, providing space for shared meals. During creative challenges or meetings with a larger group, it can be conveniently enlarged. Additional niches and drawers hidden under the top will make it easier to organize items.

  • The table is equipped with separately extendable inserts with a width of 40 cm each. The elements are included with the table and can be used to enlarge the surface of the tabletop - after pulling them out, the total length of the furniture will be 220 cm.
  • The open space under the tabletop can be equipped with up to four dedicated drawers, which must be purchased separately. They will be useful, for example, for storing cutlery.
  • In the center of the countertop there is an alcove for flowers, warmers or fresh herbs. To get a completely smooth top, just close it with a cover plate (included with the table). The table has holes for easy rearrangement and organization of cables. They will prove useful when working or studying, when additional lighting is needed.
  • The corners of the table are rounded. Thus, they improve the comfort of sitting at the table and increase safety, especially for the youngest household members.
  • Solid legs in natural wood color increase its durability and ensure stability.
  • A comfortable bench can be purchased for the table.
  • The 4 You Fresh collection also includes classic tables of 100x100 cm and 200x100 cm.
  • Using the VOXBOX program, you can check how the folding table will present itself in the dining room even before you buy it.

width: 138.6 cmheight: 76 cmDepth: 100 cm

  • The table top has a sand beige color.
  • The legs of the furniture have an oak staining.

  • The top was created from laminated MDF. This is a material resistant to damage and moisture, and easy to keep clean.
  • The legs were made of pine lumber stained and protected with varnish.

If liquid is spilled on the surface of the table, the elements should be wiped dry as soon as possible, paying special attention to the places where the tabletop joins, between which moisture could get in.

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