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Wide TV unit 4 You Fresh

Wide TV unit 4 You Fresh

Wide TV unit 4 You Fresh

890 zł

Product description

On a wide cabinet from the 4 You Fresh pl collection you will expose the TV and place it at your eye level - so that watching is comfortable. Practical shelves and cabinets will accommodate a variety of small items, helping you to bring order to the room. Thanks to carefully selected materials of the highest quality, the clever piece of furniture will serve you for many years.

  • The RTV cabinet consists of two drawers and a closed and open recess. Their dimensions correspond to the size of standard players, consoles and other devices that can be connected to the TV. This makes it easier to hide their enclosures.
  • You can use a special hole for cables to organize them.
  • Thin handles give the cabinet a minimalist look. Their contoured edge provides high comfort when opening. There are two color options to choose from - beige and oak.
  • The drawers have high-quality slides with a silent closing system.
  • By purchasing additional boxes separately, you can increase the functionality of the RTV cabinet and give it a modern look. The niche will accommodate one large and one small box.
  • Wanting to create an unusual arrangement and gain more storage space, you can combine a wide RTV cabinet with wall shelves or an additional chest of drawers from the same collection. There is also a narrower variant of the furniture on offer.
  • In finding an idea for an interesting and functional arrangement of the room, the VOXBOX interior design program can help.

width: 187 cmheight: 35.8 cmDepth: 42.1 cm

  • The cabinet comes in a sandy beige color.

  • The furniture is made of laminated board, resistant to mechanical damage and easy to care for.

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