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Medium upholstered panels set Soform grey-mustard

Medium upholstered panels set Soform grey-mustard

Medium upholstered panels set Soform grey-mustard

229 zł

Product description

Medium set of Soform upholstered panels in gray-mustard color scheme. It consists of 5 pieces: 2 rectangular, 2 rounded and 1 square. The asymmetrical set decorates the interior, increasing the functionality of the wall.

  • The finished set was composed by a VOX stylist. She combined 5 upholstered Soform panels: beige Regular 1 panel, black Regular 2 panel, gray Regular 3 panel and two mustard Oval 3 panels with decorative buttons.
  • The medium set is oblong on one side and rounded on the other. It can be used as a soft backrest, bed headboard or decorative alcove trim.
  • Use glue or Velcro tape to attach the panels. Both forms of installation are quick and non-invasive. The medium set can be placed vertically or horizontally.
  • The functionality of the panels can be increased by buying a clever rubber band or hook. They allow you to expose photos or hang a purse against the wall.
  • The medium set of 135x60 cm can be combined with others. Both smaller and larger compositions of gray-mustard Soform panels are available. Maintained in a similar color scheme, they go well together.
  • Upholstered panels optically warm up the interior and make it cozy.
  • Returns are not subject to individual elements of the set, but the entire set.

width: 135 cmheight: 60 cmDepth: 3 cm

  • The narrow rectangular panel has a shade of black velvet matt.
  • The square panel has upholstery in melange gray.
  • The rectangular panel has a shade of beige tweed.
  • The rounded panels are distinguished by a mustard velvet shiny color.
  • The color scheme in the photo may differ slightly from the actual state.
  • You can find a template of available materials for verifying the colors of upholstered panels in any VOX store with a furniture offer.

Soform panels are characterized by durability and ease of care. To keep them clean, all you need to do is vacuum the upholstery from time to time. In case of visible dirt, you can use a mild upholstery cleaner.

  • Body: 5 mm thick HDF board.
  • Filling: upholstery foam with a thickness of 25 mm.
  • Upholstery: upholstery fabric. Black and mustard colored panels have velour upholstery with satin finish and protective coating - we are talking about Ton fabric. The gray panel is covered with stain-resistant Mango fabric with a fine texture. The beige panel with Angus fabric is distinguished by a thick, diagonal weave with a rustic character.

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