How do you sit at your desk to maintain good posture? Choosing the right furniture can be crucial. We suggest which computer desk will work best and allow you to take care of your health while working.

Aesthetics, which play the first role in some rooms, give way to functionality and comfort in the office. Long hours spent in front of a computer can have a big impact on our wellbeing and productivity. When enjoying the comfort and flexibility that workingfrom home offers, it is therefore worth keeping ergonomics in mind.

An ergonomic workstation - what should it look like?

Working from home can be just as comfortable and effective as working from the office. So, if we care about ergonomics in companies, we should also keep it in mind when performing duties from home. A properly organised space will allow us to minimise back pain. By avoiding strain on our joints, we will improve our efficiency and job satisfaction.

It is not only the choice of furniture that is important. The equipment used also plays a key role. Make sure the computer screen is at eye level to avoid tilting or bending over and relieve strain on the shoulder muscles. Keep a good distance from the screen. The recommended distance is between 50 and 70 cm.

Ergonomics is also about work organisation and time management. Regular breaks are essential to maintain physical and mental health. That is why we should try to do some exercises from time to time. Our eyes will be relieved by looking into the distance and our muscles by stretching our arms and doing a few squats.

How do I position my desk? Deciding on the centre of the working area

Work often requires our full concentration. Therefore, when creating a work area, make sure to separate yourself as much as possible from sources of noise. It is most convenient to set up a desk in a separate room, where we can surround ourselves with the items we need to perform our duties. The company of books and objects in neutral and unobtrusive colours will also have a good effect on us. Small accessories such as cables, notepads or the telephone should be easily accessible, but at the same time tidy. It is therefore advisable to place them in special organisers or on displays.

The use of a separate room is not always possible. In such a situation, let's place the desk in the living room or bedroom in such a way that it does not interfere with the life of the household members while they are working. We can turn the piece of furniture facing the wall or use a Calmo screen, which can be folded and stored in a drawer after finishing work.

What else is worth paying attention to when setting up a desk? Lighting, of course. Natural or artificial light in a neutral colour is best for our eyes. Additional lighting of the desk top will be useful for evening work. The Ester and Karl LED desk lights with adjustable colour temperature are ideal for this purpose.

An ergonomic desk, i.e. one that is adjustable in height

It is a good idea for the home workstation to be precisely adjusted to our height. A desk that is too high or too low can promote unhealthy posture and cause muscle tension. So what height of desk will be ideal? One that allows us to comfortably rest our forearms with our elbows bent at 90 degrees. The most versatile and ergonomic desk is therefore one with a height adjustment function.

A perfect example is the Isla desk, which also allows you to work comfortably while standing. Simply use the touchscreen interface to adjust the height of the top between 73 cm and 122 cm. More than one person uses the desk? Using the panel, you can save up to 4 different tabletop heights and, in addition, lock it against children. And to avoid being disturbed by hanging cables, place them in a dedicated organiser.

What kind of desk top? Choosing a space for your computer

A desk is a piece of furniture that furnishes a room. When deciding on its purchase, it is therefore difficult to overlook the aesthetics. This is particularly important if the work area is in the living room or another room that is also accessible to guests. So if you want a specific design effect, choose a model that is perfectly tailored to your needs.

This task will be easy if we use the Creative system. A desk from this collection can have a different colour top and drawer fronts, metal or wooden legs and preferred handles. If you have a small space, choose a compact model with plenty of storage space. The Balance desk, which can also be customised to suit your needs, will work well in this role. The Balance configurator allows you to decide the shade of the top, the arrangement of the modules and their colour. And which gaming desk should you choose? The Young Users corner desk is the perfect choice, as it can accommodate not only hardware but also game discs.

Regardless of the design of the desk, remember to choose a model with a stable top that can withstand heavy loads. A laminate top, which is scratch-resistant and easy to keep clean, will work particularly well.

The width of the furniture is also important for ergonomics. A computer desk should be at least 120 cm wide to accommodate a monitor, keyboard, mouse, as well as other basic office accessories. For better comfort, consider buying a larger desk (e.g. 150 or 160 cm wide), especially if you happen to work on two screens.

How to sit at your desk - choosing the perfect chair

A chair is the complement to any ergonomic workplace. So when choosing a particular model, make sure it has a height-adjustable option. This will allow us to adjust the seat so that our feet can rest flat on the floor and our knees are at the same level as our hips or slightly below.

The backrest itself is also important, as is the headrest, which will provide relief for a tired back. The backrest of the Arrow chair can also be tilted and locked in a position that suits you, and the contoured armrests provide comfortable support for your wrists and forearms. The Compan swivel armchair, with its mesh construction that guarantees airflow, will also be great company when working at the computer.

The organisation of the home office has a key impact on our comfort during daily tasks. Healthy working conditions can be achieved in many ways. If you can't find the space for an ergonomic desk that will serve you and others in your household for years thanks to its height-adjustable option, choose the Nature table, which can also be used as a dressing table. Sometimes even subtle changes in the arrangement of furniture or equipment or the purchase of a few gadgets are enough to make working more comfortable.

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